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Water well drilling

Why would you consider drilling a well? Where do you begin once you have decided you want/need one?

As a homeowner, if you are facing the prospect of drilling a new well, it can be a very overwhelming task. If you have never had to worry about your water before, you may be assuming that you will have to find someone to drill the well, someone to install the pump, someone to call for service and someone to call if your water is not at the quality you desire for your family or business. Our company takes the headache out of this process, as we are the only company you need to call.

Individuals primarily decide to have a well drilled for one of two reasons:

  1. In the case of new construction or if your current well is low yielding and is beyond repair or cannot be drilled deeper, you will need a water well for obvious reasons, i.e. drinking, bathing, cooking, laundry, dishwashing, etc. The amount of water you need for the well to produce is based on several factors, such as how many people are living in the home, will you do any additional irrigating now or in the future, etc. Before the well is drilled, a homeowner will want to convey his/her plans so the type of pump can also be determined, if necessary. When considering the depth of your well, be sure to think about the future. When building a house, most people spend more time picking out furniture or paint colors than they do thinking about their well. In reality, the cosmetic details of your home will fade but your water well will last much longer than any of those things. A well is a good investment in your property and a valuable asset when buying or selling a home.
  2. The property owner may be on city or community water but desire a well for irrigation purposes. When you drill your own well, no one can tell you when you may or may not run an irrigation system. This is important if you plan to invest in your yard with grass, shrubbery, plants or a garden. Even if it is mid-January when you are drilling the well, you’ll want to consider mid-July or August, when the temperature is high and drought conditions are more prevalent. You probably shouldn’t even invest in expensive grass or greenery without considering how you will water it.


Choosing Your Well Driller

Adapted from www.welldrilling.com, there are several things to consider when looking for a well driller. Normally, an individual—a typical homeowner– might only be responsible for drilling one well in his or her lifetime, but the decision you make about choosing your driller is one that is long lasting. All counties in North Carolina require that you have a permit to drill a well, whether for residential or irrigation purposes. This makes your county health department a good place to start, since they will issue the permit and limit where you can drill, based on predetermined guidelines. Here are some other points to consider when hiring your well driller:


Be sure that the well driller you have drilling your well is properly licensed and properly insured. If a drilling contractor does not have a proper license or proper insurance, then they probably aren’t going to drill you a proper well.


What kind of reputation has the company built? Ask questions of your friends, neighbors, other people who have had wells drilled. Most people don’t mind telling you their experience—good or bad. And the more people you ask, the more informed you will be and the better you will feel about your decision.


It is always just common sense to get various estimates on work you need done and this is very important when drilling a well. But one big mistake is hiring a driller based solely on the fact that they gave you the cheapest estimate. Drillers who don’t value their work are less likely to value the quality of their work. There is a big difference between being ‘competitive’ and being ‘cheap’. And in well drilling as in everything else, you get what you pay for!


Talk to the well drilling contractor that you are considering hiring. They should be willing to discuss options with you, including the type of well you are going to get, type of casing used, etc. You will want to ask if there are any alternatives that may be a bit more expensive now that will save you money in the future. If your well drilling contractor does not have time to discuss options or your situation specifically, then you may want to continue your search.


Make sure you ask your driller what is expected from you. Will you need to clear trees, level a drilling site, pay when the job is completed and what forms of payment are acceptable?
Can the driller meet your expectations? While the county environmental health department dictates what area your well needs to be located in, when you meet with the driller prior to drilling will you be able to drill where you want and when you want? Asking questions now prevents problems later. A good well driller doesn’t want surprises and will not want to surprise you with regards to location or costs.


When making your final decision, think long-term. Ideally, your well will last longer than your cabinets, carpeting and windows. You’ll never regret putting more money towards upgrading your source of water instead of putting it towards superficial items in your house.
Thinking long-term means looking into the future—would you one day want to irrigate your lawn or plant a garden? Are you planning to build on to your home or expand your family? These things will require more water in the future than they will today. Think of your well as an investment into the value of your home—for now and for the future.

Geothermal drilling/installation

N.W. Poole Well & Pump Co. was one of the first well drilling companies to bring geothermal drilling to this area. The initial cost for a geothermal heating and cooling system is higher than the standard heating and cooling system, but most homeowners recoup their cost in less than three years. It is also a great investment for your home and becoming more popular because it is so much better for the environment that a standard HVAC system. We have three employees at our company that are IGSHPA certified, which is really unusual in one company. Our employees received this certification thru extensive training and experience in the industry. With geothermal drilling being such a new option, you probably have many questions about it. The following can provide a wealth of information: www.igshpa.okstate.edu/geothermal/faq.htm and we encourage you to do your own research, don’t just take our word for it.

Pump installation/service

For 65 years, our company has drilled water wells in the area, but we also handle our own pump installation and service work. Other drillers might be able to recommend someone for the job, but with one call, we can handle all your water needs. If we do drill a new well for you, we can quote a pump price for you as well. As with any other purchase, you can purchase a basic water pump or a more sophisticated pump that can hold the same pressure when running several things at once, i.e. showering, washing clothes, running the dishwasher and perhaps watering the garden.

But perhaps you already have a well with a pump on your property and have recently been experiencing problems. You may not be sure if there is a problem with your pump or if there is an insufficient water supply in the well. We can troubleshoot your problem and provide a quick and cost effective solution. It is usually difficult to diagnose a pump problem over the phone but we can schedule a service call to repair it. When calling our office, the more information you have about your well and pump, the more quickly and efficiently we can serve you. Information about your well can be found on the tag at your well. If the well was drilled before you moved into the home, the seller or builder should have provided you with a copy of this important information.

Irrigation well/service

Servicing and drilling an irrigation well is not really different than a residential well. You still need a permit to drill an irrigation well and the same equipment is used to drill the well. The only difference is that the company installing your irrigation system should be able to tell you how many gallons per minute (gpm) you need for the landscape they are planning.

Water testing/treatment

Unlike most well drilling companies, not only do we install and service pumps, we also treat well water. If you are not satisfied with the current quality of your well water (i.e. smell, taste, clarity, etc.), our office provides free water testing for iron, pH and hardness. Contact our office via phone or email to find out how we can test your water. Upon review of the sample, we can tell you if a water treatment system is right for you. Other companies may falsely mislead you into believing that poor water quality means you have to drill a new well. This is a costly mistake! You could spend money to drill a new well and still have water quality issues. The treatment systems that we offer come with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Well abandonment

We can abandon wells at any depth or diameter. We abandon according to the County and State 2C regulations and submit all necessary paperwork for our customers.


Fountain pump design/installation

Residential customers often have ponds at their homes and they wish to add a fountain feature. We can design the fountain to fit your needs, whether it be functional (i.e. to stir up the water to remove algae) or just for ornamental purposes. We have also designed and installed fountain pumps for Angus Barn in Raleigh, WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Hills/Raleigh’s Midtown Shopping Area in Raleigh, and many other homes and businesses in our area. See photos on our website for different fountain designs we have done. This is our most recent design, located at the Wolfpack Club in Raleigh.

Well inspection/diagnosis/videotaping

Sometimes it is necessary to run a camera down in the well to observe the construction, casing, etc. This is an efficient way to inspect a well and determine how to proceed with repair. We also do well inspections for new home purchases, which include a water sample for bacteria, a professional analysis by a laboratory and our expert documentation about the working status of the well and if there is any repair needed.

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