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Drilling a well is a process. First you need a permit from the county. A soil engineer comes and does soil tests and a topology study. And selects the spot where the well will be drilled. After the permit then your allowed to drill the well. As soon as I got a permit, I called and the drilling crew showed up a day after I called them. The well drilling took all day and the well is a success. After the well was drilled, the pump crew came and installed the pump. This is a big deal since a deep ditch is dug from the well to the house. The crew did the best they could to protect my garden, but still a messy project. I was extremely pleased with the both crews. They did everything that I wanted and I wanted a few things out of the ordinary.

–Wayne M.


They know what they are doing.  Kris pointed out that our pump was damaged by an electrical spike and suggested we file an insurance claim.  That turned out to be a very good advice, we would not have known.  I like to watch when repair work is being done.  The whole crew took this in stride.

They came out the same day when our water pressure took a sudden drop.  Since Kris knew exactly what he was doing we knew what the problem was with in a hour.  The had to pull the pump out from the well.  Everything was explaind.  Had to wait an extra day for the pump we wanted.  Some poor soul had to drive over four hours to get the pump to us the next day.  We needed extra documentation for the insurance company.  That was done within an hour of the completion of the repairs.

–Paul R.

I recently installed a new jet pump to complete the entire re-plumbing of my house. Got the pump primed all right three days ago, but had to fix some leaks. Upon trying to re-prime the pump after fixing my leaks, I decided to follow the directions supplied with the pump, which I hadn’t done the first time, and no dice. Kris from NW Poole was kind enough to return my call even though he had his hands full on another job. However, like he said, trying to explain to someone how to prime a jet pump over the phone is like trying to explain to someone how to rebuild an engine over the phone. Unless you have done it, you don’t really know what to do. So, after going without water for a day, Kris and company were able to stop by and fix my problem in about 5 minutes. Easy fixes are the best. So that being said, if you have well or pump problems, call NW Poole and they will set you right. Also there are some times that throwing directions in the garbage will save you a lot of un-needed aggravation.
–Jeff A.


They replaced a pipe that carried water from the well to the house. We called at five in the afternoon and they were here the next morning. They were extremely polite, professional, and very helpful. They alerted us about future problems we may have, too.

–Jimmie M.


I contacted Harry with N.W. Poole on a Friday morning after being without water for three days and dealing with a local plummer who kept telling me my problem was that my well was dry. Harry assured me that was not my problem and told me my problem was due to a damaged well pump as a result of a frozen well pipe.

He dispatched a crew that afternoon and although they were not able to retrieve the pump from the well they were able to provide me with a temporary source of water until Monday when they could return with their well drilling rig to retrieve the pump from my well. Harry also called me Saturday morning to make sure I had water and to let me know what time to expect a crew to be on site and the plan for Monday.
On Monday, Kevin and his crew were onsite with all the equipment they needed to retrieve the pump and make any necessary repairs to the well. Once the pump was retrieved and it was determined there was no damage to the well, they placed a new pump in the well and had my system back up and running within a few hours. The following day, Kevin contacted me to make sure that everything was continuing to function properly.

Although I live an hour away from their business and had not been a previous customer, N.W. Poole responded quickly to my water well emergency on a Friday. They are professionals who are very knowledgeable of water well systems and all of their staff provide exemplary customer service. They quickly diagnose problems and then discuss the appropriate options and costs to correct them.

N.W. Poole has earned my business as a customer for any future service to my well system and I also plan to use them to service my home water filtration and softener system. I would definitely recommend N.W. Poole to anyone who is in need of a new well or anyone who is having problems with an existing well.
For a job done well … contact N.W. Poole Well and Pump Company!

–John S.

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